Monday, May 12, 2008

Aw, how sweet.

There's my little chihuahua, Bitty. He decided to take a nap on the couch last night, so I took a pic of him with the webcam on my laptop. He was barking and kicking in his sleep too, lol. I should've taken a video..
I couldn't even go to sleep until about 7 am today. We had to work a lot of overtime last week, 12 hour shifts all week. 3pm-3am. So I guess that's why I'm into the habit of staying up so late. I hate it though. I'll really hate it when school starts in the fall if i don't have it all worked out by then.
I did some apartment hunting last night, I was looking through the paper to see what I can find. I've found one that seems great.. and its like 2 streets over from where my sister & nephew live. I'm going to call today and see if they allow pets (crosses fingers)
Anyway, I guess I better get off here. Gotta get ready for work and call to a few places about apartments.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mmm... Cookies!

So I've got a sweet tooth! I love sweets of any kind. Cookies, ice cream, candy, you name it! So I decided that I'd make some charms to show my love of sweets. My first yummy creation ~ chocolate chip cookies! Ya like?

I'm working on making cupcakes, or ice cream cones. I might also throw in some other yummies like oatmeal cream pies! Told ya i love sweets ;)