Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blog feature: Dakotamiss

I found another wonderful polymer clay artist, with such a cute shop! Dakotamiss!

Here are my four favorite pieces from her shop:

This is my very favorite piece from her shop. I love all the colors in this, and the buttons really set it off. I also love the glossy look that this piece has, as well as all of Dakotamiss' other pieces.

Three peas in a pod! These cute little guys are a magnet, and they'll be there on the fridge when you go digging for a late night snack. :)

This precious baby figure would make a great gift for a baby shower!

Last but not least, the graduation bunny. Graduation is coming up soon, this would make a cute little gift for the graduate in your life. :)

Here is what Dakotamiss had to say about crafting with polymer clay:

It all started about 16 years ago. My sister and I were strolling around one of our local craft shows when I spotted this booth full of polymer clay figurines...I was in awe and loved the idea right from the start! After we finished looking around I rushed to the hobby store and purchased my first bars of polymer clay. And so the obsession began :)

I just create things that pop into my head. I'll start with a bar of clay in front of me and sit there until an idea comes to me. It might follow what is currently popular or it may not. I never know sometimes what I'll come up with! :)

I'm very much a perfectionist when it comes to my sculpting. If the finished product doesn't meet my expectations, I will not sell it, if its not something that I would want myself, I will not give it as a gift. I take pride in what I do in every aspect.

I love experimenting with polymer clay and what I can do with it. I have recently branched out into making polymer clay jewelry, which will be featured in my shop very soon. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I love making them. :)

check out her shop!


Helen said...

Oh gosh those are adorable. The pea pod is too cute!