Friday, March 21, 2008

Techniques and equipment for polymer clay

I've just recently discovered all the things I can do with polymer clay. I seriously never would have imagined that I could make some of the things i've made so far, just from clay. I guess I always saw it as some kind of play-doh. But it's awesome!! The links to things i've made are down in my etsy mini at the bottom of my page. But I've read that a pasta machine is a great tool for making things with clay.

One of these:

I saw one at Hobby Lobby today, but it was $25. I figured I could find one for a little cheaper. I wanted to do a little bit more research on it before i spent my money on it, this is what I found...

Pasta machines are used to condition clay. It turns the clay into flat, even sheets so that there is consistency in the clay. It makes the clay easier to work with instead of trying to condition it and soften it with your hands. neato :)

Got the info from this site:

Well, i'm off to play around in the forums!


DM Speaks said...

I've been wanting to play with polymer clay for months but was put off because it seemed scary. Thanks for the inspirational post. I think I am going to have to dust off the books I bought and buy me some polymer clay!